Monday, 10 September 2007

What Happened After Ireland

We've been back since Aug 15th, nearly a month, and money for Common Ground has not-quite-literally been pouring in. If all 1.5 of you who read this want to give us (them) some sponsorship, we'd be most grateful. If you have already, forgive me.
We're also going to put some pictures up soon. We promise. You've never seen a sexier prospect than me in a wetsuit.

Today I went to Brockwell Lido, in S/W London, and it was happy-making. Not least because I haven't swum since Dublin. Also because it was clean, relatively empty, NOT HEATED, and the sun was setting behind the beeches in the park. It's about 35m long, an odd length, and it took me a full 45 min to get used to it, by which time I was tired and got out. I went there a few times when I was little and I remember it being a bit scummy, but now it’s been renovated, and delightful. The showers are adjustable. Adjustable showers! In a public pool!

Anyway, the water. Choppy, from all the hunky men powering up and down in tiny Speedos. And the kids shouting LIDO! as they divebombed the deep end. Beech leaves falling in the water and one of the lifeguards trying to catch them all in a big net before they swam away. I forgot to take my mascara off and emerged a happy panda.


I’ll be the first one there tomorrow.


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