Monday, 30 April 2007

The Emmanuel Ice Duck Is Broken

First day of Emmanuel College Pool being open. Built in 1855, it has claims to being the oldest outdoor pool in the UK. Pictures here.

Broke it at 4.30pm. There was no ice, but there should have been. Swimming in glorious cold burning turquoise water under an almost lavender sky on the last day of April. 'IT'S AAAAAPPPRRRIIIIIL!' I shouted up at the sky. Jordan intent on Underwater, Ottering and diving. I got cramp in my foot for the first time ever. It was that kind of an exciting swim. I went off to buy a bikini top. It is in this spirit of serious frivolity that we proceed.


Saturday, 21 April 2007

New Season...

Back in Cambridge, and a first trip to Granchester meadows today. Into the Granta, of course... two brave friends to thank for such an early swim. We turned a vivid pink, but happily not blue. The swans I saw nesting last year are not in the same place. Or perhaps it is too early for them? Also, Gloria accosted me in a supermarket. We must book those flights.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Uisce: Water of life.

Uisce. The water of life. Anglicised "Whiskey". The same word in Scottish gaelic, Irish gaelic and also some English parts.

Training has begun, in dank indoor pools for the most part. I've been in the sea once or twice. Around here, the beach smells of beer cans and dunkin' donuts - ten for a pound on the pier...

Out at Tidemills beach, Seaford, there is a man selling coffee from a stall. Good coffee, but he only works on sunny days.

The lido isn't open yet...