Friday, 20 April 2007

Uisce: Water of life.

Uisce. The water of life. Anglicised "Whiskey". The same word in Scottish gaelic, Irish gaelic and also some English parts.

Training has begun, in dank indoor pools for the most part. I've been in the sea once or twice. Around here, the beach smells of beer cans and dunkin' donuts - ten for a pound on the pier...

Out at Tidemills beach, Seaford, there is a man selling coffee from a stall. Good coffee, but he only works on sunny days.

The lido isn't open yet...



James said...
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James said...

Bedevil this newfangilnes.

As I was about to say, and as you no doubt know, yr uisce beathe, yr acqua vitae, is where you get yr whisky from, but as the worth's gaen doon the cost has risen, and why should I tell you where to get yr whisky from? Or, seeing as we're speaking the Oirish, where to get yr 'whiskey' from. But if all uisce was uisce beathe, I shd certainly swim more. Chance wd be a fine thing.